Just some of my favourite shots. Check my flickr for more photos.

10. Who knows what in the old man’s mind while hes sadly looking at that happy couple with the puppies – San Antonio zoo, Texas.


9. The River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Texas.

SA - River Walk

8. La Lomita church – national historical building, about 150 years old, city of Mission, Texas.

La Lomita

7. Daisies at Cascade park in Elyria, Ohio.

Hoa cuc

6. Sunset in Cincinnati, Kentucky.


5. A frangipani flower falls to the wall of a tomb

Hoa su

4. An old woman crossing the street, in front of a crowd of motorbikes.

Qua duong

3. A cheap bicycle – daily transport of people in the countryside of Vietnam back and forth market and home.

Xe dap

2. A typical image of the countryside waterways of Vietnam – a small bamboo junk tied to the foot of a big tree.


1. The cover bridge in Hue – central of Vietnam

Cau ngoi Thanh Toan


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14 07 2010

These are incredible, Tuan! Keep posting 🙂

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