Random #2

28 02 2010

My classmate is proud of being fat

In classroom, waiting for class starts; a classmate sitting in front of me, eating a bowl of soup, turned round and talked to me…

“I think Im super fat!”

me: “ohh, uhmmm… okay…” (well, she looks… chubby actually)

turned back, looked at her bowl, thinking for seconds and said “Im gonna throw it away”

me: “huh?… did you say I think Im super fat?”

laughing out loud… “I think my soup is bad”.

Roommate number 1

Im having a lady roommate who self-declared that shes 37 years young. Reverse the number and thats how young I think she looks. She loves global warming I guess; always keeps the heat around 80F plus another small heat fan under the bed in her room. She usually turns the 30 cubic feet oven on 400F to warm a smaller-than-your-two-fingers hotdog up and leaves it on till somebody else finds out nothing in it and turns it off. She has a hobby, knocking my door…

knock knock knock. “I have a TV and a TV box but dont know how to make those work”.

knock knock knock. “I dont know why all the TV channels you got for me are gone now”.

knock knock knock. “I cannot carry my laundry bag down to my car”.

knock knock knock. “Ive been to the groceries store and they need to be taken out of the car”.

knock knock knock. “I dont know how to use the microwave in the kitchen”.

knock knock knock. “How do you bake a frozen pizza? There is no directions on it”.

and those keep happening forever 🙂 Lovely!

Roommate number 2

Another roommate, a guy, plays his acoustic guitar almost whenever hes home.

me: “hey, you play good music!”

him: “I used to play in a band for living man”

me: “oh, cool. what kind of music you guys played?”

him: “rock-n-roll”

me: “oh…”

him: “Im carrying this (the guitar) around with me cause its cheap ya know. I have another electric guitar and some other equipments. those cost a lot. somebody will ship them here for me so I can play with those”.

me (saying in my mind): “uh-oh, I mean I dont love your music that much”.




2 responses

5 03 2010

Roomate 1: Lock the door when you go to the bathroom and lock your room’s door when you are asleep. I will keep reminding you this.
Roomate 2 : I would like to meet him.

9 03 2010

It was nicer for you when John only had you to annoy! 🙂 xoxo

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