11 10 2009


Brought a friend to my place to look at the rooms and see if he wanna be my roommate. Conversation at the kitchen:

– Ya know, one thing ya should know if ya wanna move here. The landlord, he has washer and dryer but doesnt let anybody use so… ya dont have laundry here.

– Its ok. we can use these.

– Huh? use what?

– Ya know, we can put our clothes in the dish washer and then put them in the oven.

– …bursting out laughing…

Only possible in America

Okay, ya know what? people in America do cheese shot… NO? Im not kidding… Okay, at least I know one guy did that. Here is the proof…

Cheese shot

Believe it or not. He did it for real! A real shot!

Sexy sound in class

One of the guys in my GIS class always says “oh-yeah” 45 times in every class. This is exactly how he makes the sound… “ooooohhhhhh-ooooouuuuuu-yeahhhhh”.

A typical conversation between him and someone else in class used to be:

– ‘oh-yeah’ guy: “how…do…youuu…cre..ate…a…geodata..base?”

– “you could right-click here…”

– “oooohhhhh-ooooouuuuuu-yeah………ooohh-ooouuu-yeah…….oh-ou-yeahhhhh”

– ” choose New…”

– “oh-oh….oh-oooouuuu-yeahh”

– “and then Personal Geodatabase…”

– “ooohhh-ooouuu-yeahhhh……oh-yeahhh”

I completely thought he was Chinese but then figured out he IS Vietnamese and his first name and last name are EXACTLY the same as mine. …INSANE…!!!!

… Professor got so confused about our homeworks when somehow he got 2 assignments submitted with the same names.




4 responses

12 10 2009

What? You mean there is more than one Le Bao Taun in the world?

Oh no! The world can only handle one of you!

If you start to say “Oh yeah,” I won’t be able to tell you apart.

12 10 2009

I know. insane, isnt it?
I have no clue what his middle name is but I bet its not Bao. I mean very low probability, still a guess though. but for sure, the Tuan and the Le parts are exactly the same. crazy; really is…

23 10 2009
Cindy Young

What are the odds this would happen?? Where is this impostor from in Viet Nam?

23 10 2009

haha. I didnt ask but he has north accent, probably from hanoi.

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